I feel like my girlfriend mislead me at the beginning of our relationship and now I feel trapped.?

Even before I started dating my girlfriend I expressed concern that she's a student and I'm not because that is why I left my last two relationships.

She told me she has lots of spare time and weekends off and it wouldn't be a problem.

Now we're together and I love her but she's taking a job on weekends so we will never get to spend a day together. I like outdoors things (her too) and now our relationship is constricted to a few hours at night. I will never get to see her longer than 4 hours.

This isn't what I want and would have never started dating her. I'd rather be single than in a relationship like this. Problem is I love her.

What should I do? What would you do?


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  • Be patient, She won't be in school for life. Be supportive and enjoy whatever time you do have together even if it is just a little. Things will change once school is over. Don't let this be a problem this is life for a lot of people.


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  • I would stick it out for a while just to see if things can work because you shouldn't jump to the conclusion that things will be terrible without experiencing it yet. Then you'll know you're making the right decision.

  • if you love her, then stick with it. if you leave, that shows me you don't really love her.

  • She has her own life too. You can't expect her to ditch her job and studies to spend all her time with you. Be happy she works and not just begs you for money

    • She lied about how much time she had to do that...

    • Perhaps she didn't lie. Maybe she didn't realize how much free time she would actually have.

      But stop blaming her and complaining. You knew she is a student. And you have already ended 2 relationship because of the same reason you are wondering about now. Will you ever learn? Stop dating student girls because you and they don't have as much time to spend together.