Why do I feel like he's interested/like me?

For the past couple weeks, I feel like my crush likes me. I don't know why. I try to deny it. We never talked. We both only said hi to each other once and thats it. But for the past couple days, I always see him looking at me. Once I went to my locker after free period and I was looking around and I see him staring at me. We looked at each other for couple seconds. I thought he would look away but he just kept staring at me and I thought it started to get alittle awkward so i looked away bc i started to get butterflies in my stomach. After gym, I was walking to my locker and I see him and we made eye contacts. It looked like he had a little smile but i think it was his innocent smile. And today I was going on the other side of the hallway to see my friend and I see him there too, but he was going back to the place where his and my locker was. When we passed by each other, I turned my head to talk to my friend and I see him turn his head around like he wanted to look at me. I dont know why. I just feel like he likes me. But I just found out he asked his friend to prom, and I thought he didnt, but the more I see him looking at me the more I feel like he likes me. I don't know why. Once he was standing right next to my locker and his friend's locker is right next to mine. He just stood their holding his friend's lock looking like he was waiting for his friend, but no one was coming. When I saw him standing there we just looked at each other for a good 2-4 secs. When I was getting something in my locker he was just holding the lock and just stood next to me for a good 1 min. so no one came and he just left. one of my friend was talking to him about prom and she was like oh i hope my bff goes to prom, and he said to her, "oh i think she's interested in me." and she said oh ___? and he said no, i mean (my name) and she said nope. I dont know. I feel he's interested in me. I don't know. it looks like he wants to talk to me but can't. can you help me?


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  • he has had ample time to talk to you from what you've described, sounds like to me. i don't know if he is interested from the conversation you quoted towards the end, thats the only thing that makes me doubt is attraction towards you.

    • I mean that conversation happened couple months ago. My best friend told me not to believe what she told me. I mean all the staring and stuff he was doing happened very recently like. He's been doing this for months.

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    • we actually never had class together before. We just have our lockers in the same area, which makes it harder for me to talk to him.

    • then when he is alone at his locker and you are at yours, just go talk about something.