What outfit should I wear to this date I am going on? ♡♡?

A cute mini dress with sandals and two pony tails... first outfit i am 4'11 & I have pretty small feet
or a long beach dress with two pony tails with sandals

i want to look adorable :^)) ♡♡ he likes when I put my hair in two pony tails
he thinks it Cute lol :DD

  • First outfit Cute mini dress
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  • Second outfit Long Beach dress
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  • Or Crop top and leggings
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would say the first outfit because the second one might make you look even more smaller since it's a long dress. Usually mini dress look better for a rather short girl and plus you will show some leg action, I guess guys like that. I don't like the third outfit for a date, I don't find a legging cute actually I find it a bit tacky. So outfit number 1 for sure :)


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What Guys Said 1

  • Cute mini dress. And I like that double pony tails is an option on them all. Good choice!


What Girls Said 2

  • No. 1. No double pony tails unless you want to look like his little sister.

    Leggins are not pants

  • Option 1 (opinion too short wtf..).

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