i need help!!! i mainly need a guys answer (but if you're a girl and have experienced let me know)?

okay i met this guy at his job and when i met him the first time we talked and he mentioned that he had a girlfriend. and everytime we'd run into eachother he'd make it his mission to find me somewhere where he works. well about 2 months later we bump into eachother and he's single, so we exchanged numbers and we had great conversations and everything nothing too serious just getting to know eachother. then he stopped texting out of nowhere, he texted one noght after he got off it was late and i was sleep, so when i woke up i texted back but no response after that. we have a mutual friend and the friend told me that he has been sick well now its been 2 months since and we've seen eachother but haven't had the time to talk to one another i just want to know what is going on. please help if you can!!!
thank you


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  • Sorry but you said this, 'he has been sick well now its been 2 months since and we've seen eachother but haven't had the time to talk to one another,' I think you answered your own question for 'what is going on?' I feel though that this isn't what you really want help on. You want help on what you can do to make you two be able to converse again. Am I correct?

    • yes you're correct

    • I suggest you avoid times where he could possibly be busy by actually asking him when he isn't. Bring up a conversation about something appropriate and not random that he would be interested in talking about then when he is hooked, cut the conversation short by telling him you have to go but you should speak later. This is your opportunity to suggest times and days where he would be free. An example, "Yeah, I think so as well- hey- I think I have to go now but it was great speaking to you again like when used to have long conversations over the phone, how about we text later like later this evening then?" He would tell you if this is a good time or not. If you text him and he doesn't reply then you have to retry this whole process again by using different times for you to talk to him. Trust me, he would cave in eventually. I hope this helps.

    • If this doesn't work after like 4 times then he just doesn't care enough to text you back. If he really wanted to text you back, he would have even if he doesn't want a long conversation.

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  • It sounds like to me he wanted to mix you in with his gf, not sure as to how such as you meeting him somewhere on the sly, or if it was going to be the three of you together. Now that he's single, the thrill of it has sifted through the cracks and he doesn't seem interested any more.


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  • it doesn't sound like anything is going to happen between you two if its been 2 months since you've texted/spoke with one another.

    • thank you!!!
      we have spoke to each other but i haven't had the chance to see what is really going on, because i don't have time to be wasting