Does he not care as much anymore?

My bf and i have been arguing off and on lately. We talk about the same things almost over and over because I want him to quit being a jerk to me. He will change for a little but then go back to the same way. When i would tell him I'm gonna break up with him he would say your never gonna leave me were gonna be together forever. And last night when I brought it up he said I'm not going anywhere but if you want to break up with me then do it it's your loss. Does he not care as much anymore or what? Also when he would touch my Ass or boobs I'd sometimes be joking saying don't do that and he's like I can do what I want their mine. But he doesn't say that as much anymore. He's also tired of me not trusting him.


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  • i would say his true colors are starting to show. i would suggest leaving him, he doesn't sound like he could make you happy.

  • I think you're pushing him away and he's building walls.