Would you try to talk with a girl who still talks to guys who pose a threat to your relationship?

I know you can have guy/girl friends but what if your s/o had a past with them? What if they interfere with your relationship?

What if they're interaction with their guy/girl friend makes it hard to trust your s/o?

I'm only asking cuz I've dated girls that promise me their guy friends were just that. I even had a girl still talking to a guy she dated back in hs, but now they friends.

Only problem was they're guy friends always wanted to spend time with my gfs at the time.

I know you can't control who your s/o hangs with, but don't you think their should be some respect for the relationships?


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  • My boyfriend is friends with all of his exes. He says there is nothing between them, and that when he is done with a girl, he's done. He's just nice, and the breakups were because her parents didn't approve of him. (Poor hispanic kid.) I'm a poor white girl, and my parents love him.
    Anyways, it depends on her personality. If she's ever cheated before, if you think she would cheat. Are you the jealous type? All of these play a factor. Our mutual friends have told me that he's not the cheating type, and i can tell by his personality he isnt. Plus he's way too busy to have time to mess around with anyone but me. Its all about whether you think its worth it or not.

    • And my crazy brain made it clear to the only girl who i was bothered by that he is done with her, and for her to respect our relationship. She stopped talking to him. lol

    • Well there u go

    • TY for most helpful!

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  • I wouldn't deal with that


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