How do I tactfully mention my ex to a new date?

I lived with my ex and it didn't work out/he was a little nuts (druggie, anger issues, pathological liar.) But I know it sounds bad to say your ex was crazy. And that it probably looks bad that I lived with my ex for only 1 month even though things ending wasn't my fault. I've started going on dates now and I really don't want to mess things up. How do I bring up my ex or the fact that I lived in a different state for a while without making it awkward/saying he was nuts?


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  • Why do you need to?

    You don't need to talk about your ex unless it's important in the context. If you just randomly bring it up, it will sound like you're not over him (at least that's what I assume when a new date brings up an ex).

    My boyfriend and I have been together for about 6 months and we only chatted about our exes the other day because it was relevant to our conversation.

    • I lived in a different state in the past year so that topic comes up and then I don't know how else to explain why I moved and then moved back?

    • If he asks, explain. If he doesn't, it seems unnecessary to go into details.

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  • just come out and tell him you let your ex for reasons you just posted then when or if they met say to your new guy this is my A-hole ex


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  • Why bring it up at all? And your ex sounds like heaven. I love crazy men. Oh my god.