New GF hasn't been responding to texts. What should I do?

We've been dating a couple of months. Things have been really great. Lately she's started sleeping over my place 1 night a week.

A couple of weeks ago I was sick, and she came over. She said that she wanted to take care of me. So I'm thinking, wow...that's really nice.

Early last week we went out to dinner and she slept over. But, I noticed the next morning she seemed a bit quiet.

I texted her at lunch day just to say hi like we've done a lot in the past. She didn't reply until late at night and seemed really busy. She was packing and getting ready for a trip. She never really said goodnight. The first time she never said Goodnight to me.

The next day, I texted her to say have a safe flight and she replied with just "thanks". The next few days I didn't hear from her at all. A couple of days later, I texted her and she replied 12 hours later with a very simple response. Didn't ask me anything. I know that she was busy, and away, but I just wanted to know if she had made it, safely.

Anyways. I texted her this morning and so far no response at all. I'm pretty sure her flight home was yesterday.

I'm wondering...what should I do? This seems like very different behavior for her. I know that she was busy with traveling, but she's always been very friendly, and always texting me. And now that seems very off.

Should I be upfront and just ask her what's up. Or just stay back, wait for her to reply, and move on?


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  • Its possible she is just busy. If the behavior continues, then call her out on it and inquire what's going on. But if you feel like energy in the relationship has changed, it probably has. Call it out.

  • I get like that when he has said or did something to upset me that got to me. Have you said anything that may have bothered her? Hopefully she's not having second thoughts about your relationship


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