I find a better job right when I meet a man I'm interested in at the job I'm leaving?

Soo this new guy at work started about 2months ago and right from the start I found him attractive and I saw him eyeing me so I bluntly introduced myself and he did in return with wide smiles. I'm a cashier and he would come through my line a few times to get gum and I'd start a convo with commenting on how it sounds like he has a accent and it got us humoring with each other a bit. Well I would see him a few times on the floor but we would exchange smiles. That is, until he initiated a talk while in the break room. Since then we see each other during every shift we have together for our breaks and lunches. He calls me and ask me when my lunch is so we can share it together. I told him I put my two weeks in and now it's down to two days. He took me out for lunch yesterday and we were able to talk more. Well, I would like for us to continue moving forward in a more romantic light but I'm anxious that after I leave I won't mean anything and he'll just move onto flirting with other girls. I've heard rumors before we started talking that he was seeing two girls- outside of work- but I haven't asked him. We don't talk about age, relationship status, or kids. He constantly finds excuses to come to customer service and says things like " Josie's here, now I know it's going to be a good day." But he hasn't asked for my number. Maybe he's waiting till my last day? Maybe I need to initiate more? Despite hearing the rumors from what I have gotten to know about him he's sweet, nice, smart and very attractive. What should I do? I only have two more days of work there and I've really started to like him. I can't stop thinking about him but I want to know if he wants to move towards being more than friends because everything is so subtle and behavioral because I'm not a type to put myself out there so much. We've had talks about how we view life and what would like for our future.nshould act more on my attraction? Hmm, Help this over analytical mind of mine please!

How do can I find out if he truly is interested in me more than just a coworker to flirt with? I feel like such a school girl right now. After getting out of a five year relationship with someone who made me feel insecure it's made me lame


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  • you're giving this guy way too much mental space. for all you know you're one of many girls he sees that day that he finds pretty. if you heard rumors about him, there's probably smoke to that fire...don't go out of your way to initiate more. he's obviously not shy or hesitant. if he wanted your number and wanted more than what he has now, he'd go after it. he has no problem making flirty comments and maing it known he's attracted so don't think that he's nervous

    just let his flirtation be an ego boost to you. use that ego boost to help your confidence with other guys who are interested

    • I like the way you think! Right on, I'll continue to let him to flirt until I leave. Allows me to start my new job on a go and confident start, thanks!

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  • Overthinking it wins the day? NOT

    Buy him the gum he likes and write your phone number on it - give it to him as a quitting day present.
    Your later talks over coffee will reveal the answers...

  • Dont reveal you like him very much. I'm sure most girls will agree with this.
    He needs to know you are leaving as soon as possible.
    Still u can be playful and ask if he was going to ask for your contact. If he doesn't seem to pursue you or your contact maybe it might mean something else but it will sure be dumb if he Don even try to keep in touch with you.

    His finance might be tight to ask u out so be easy on him. I think it shouldn't hurt if u ask him out to a simple date like hangout at a park or museum. To show you are interested and he'll do all he can to make it.

    Do tell us what happen. We are also curious and hoping for your happy time with him. :)

    • Also don't be anxious that you leave and he likes other girls. I know it hurts and it is nice to feel longed for by someone but u don't want to date a player at all.
      We guys know it is not easy to have a girlfriend. It will be helpful that once he get your number and also once u get a new job u can still ask him if he wants to hangout depending on your schedule. Then notice how he responds with how much effort he wants to see you.

      You don't want a player in the long run. Guy players themselves know they need to focus on one girl in the end and that girlfriends don't come at every corner. He should notice how special you are and at least try to work on with you.

      You can also let him know you will miss him. With a smile. Ask if he would like to hangout sometime later. U said he took u out for lunch. That sounds like a nice thing. How did it go

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    • Wow this sounds so sweet and that he stood up for you in that. Very nice.
      So much that I want to pray for ya that this works out lol. I love happy endings and I'm a person who is into romance but not cheesy stuff. I only remember 1 romance movie I watched. I dislike most click flicks.

      So anyway yeah Friday, will be keeping my pets paws crossed for ya :) very happy that u 2 have the same outlook. That is a wonderful start. Since your last day are u going to do something for him? Like he asks for ur contact and u give him a handmade card or something?

      Cuz u have been friends with him for 2 months. It's gotta be something good in ur relationship

    • Thanks! Hope it goes well and I'm sure it will and if nothing happens it's all good because I'm moving forward in my life with a better job anyways haha

  • I'm not reading all that shit, but you don't want to date coworkers anyways; it's way too much drama.


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