What could I do it let my coworker know that I'm interested in him and that I'd like us it continue getting together before I leave the job in 2days?

I've really started to like this guy. We've went out to lunch and hangout during breaks and lunches every chance we get. He'll call me and ask me when my lunch is and stay late after getting off to share my break with me. We smile a lot at each other and have talked about what we think about the would and spiritually and I have showed him a couple of my poems and he's showed me his paintings. He asked me out for a drink but he doesn't know that I'm not 21. Not till at least 2 months and I don't want to tell him my age and I think him in return because he looks older himself but I don't care about that. If anything I find it more attractive. What should I do to make this feel like a more sure thing so when I leave for my new job we could continue talking and hopefully it could lead to more? He hasn't asked for my number yet and I haven't given it to him yet but if he doesn't ask by my last day I'm going to give it to him. Ahhh help clear my raving mind please.


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  • Don't you NEED to GO someplace that's best to do with a DATE? Give him your number & ask if he will do a favor & go with - to that event.

    • So WHAT happened?

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    • My last day was last Friday but we've been texting here and there almost everyday since then. Now I'm just waiting to see if he'll initiate another date

    • Yes, he needs a text explaining how tired you were and never got the invite in time. Then your wish will come true.

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  • Get the number first. Then ask me...

  • Ask him if he wants to hang out.


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