Is my boyfriend losing interest in me?

My boyfriend is a great guy, he has never cheated on me and always pays for me when we go out. We have been together for 4 months, we have met eachother's families, and hang out with eachother's friends from time to time. Everything is fine as far as that's concerned, but he isn't as into like kissing and messing around as I am, and it makes me feel unattractive. Sometimes when I try to kiss him or mess around he will start doing something else or just ignore me entirely. The last few times we hung out, we didn't even kiss at all (3 different days of seeing eachother!) so I told him I wanted to talk about it, but he preferred we text. I explained it all to him over text and he said "I am out of ideas. I love you and I try my best to be a good bf to you but I always f*ck up somehow. Sorry I'm not perfect." And I Didn't know what to say without having to explain the whole affection thing so I just said I'm sorry, goodnight. How do I explain to him that it's not HIM like he is awesome and a great bf, but it's the fact that I don't feel beautiful or attractive to him. I just feel like his partner in crime or best friend, which is awesome if we always had sensual moments together because I am a very sexual person!


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  • Well, for starters, you should be able to express your concerns with him without him jumping to conclusions that he's a "bad boyfriend" and "always fucks up." A bit immature of him.

    Secondly, talk to him face to face next time. Tell him that you're the kind of person that likes a lot of physical contact in a relationship and sometimes feel insecure when you don't get that. Make sure you turn it around and make it about how *you* feel, not something he does.