Is it possible for me to have a love life at all?

I get that most guys like feminine women, but are there any guys out there who don't mind bigender crossdressers? Or women, actually, I'd not be too picky except I've already fallen for straight women twice.

Yup. Count in all the times I've been friendzoned by guys, and you've got a really shitty record: 20-plus, never kissed, never dated, never even held hands. (face-palms) And it's not even entirely because of my looks.

Should I hold out any hope at all? Or just resign myself to being the nice, sex-less, whacky single aunt to my nephews and nieces?


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  • There are all sorts in todays world.

    • Thanks. I know this, logically. Just happens that all the cisgender-themed dating advice and pressure ---wear a skirt, of course you can't attract anyone that way ---feels hard to deal with right now. Sometimes, it feels like there isn't a choice: either I give up finding someone or give up being myself.

      But thanks for commenting.

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  • Well, the gay population is about 10% nationwide, the percentage of "non binary" (not that I think that's a thing but whatever) is even lower, you're gonna have a hell of a time, good luck.

    • (*dryly) Dude, being non-binary might sound strange, but for some of us it's a reality that keeps smacking us in the face. By bestowing some very unconventional sexual fantasies, for example.

      And you are kind of lacking in tact, but ok, I can live with that. Thanks for the comment.

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