Am I too interested or not atall?

I've never wanted to be in a serious relationship. But I've been with my boyfriend for..2 years or more now i think.
He was a very fast mover like within a week or two after we had met we was going out he put it on Facebook and everything.
He had no job nothing so everyday he would be texting me calling me, and turning up at my house sometimes before i was there!
I've always been doing other hings e.g. sports volunteering etc and i am very social and enjoy going clubs and meeting new people.
And he always used to tell me how he had to call me first and i wasn't affectionate enough etc etc but i felt suffocated, i would never want to go to his house or spend too much time with him because we would literally spend all day in his bed.. and its so boring watching tv all day.

It changed when he decided to go to uni, he then only had weekends off like me, which was fine but he would wok at the weekends too sometimes, and be like oh sorry im busy to see you this week see you next week. He would also say things like.. what would you do if i cheated on you.
Ever since then my opinions have changed i check his Facebook EVERY day and his emails suspecting things which i am not sure about.
Now he works and is not at the gym he will not speak to me atall until e is back at home.
I am confused because i dont think i actually like him that much but i am so bothered by his behaviour. Because i feel like he is trying to appear so busy, too busy to bother with me.. which i dont like
What shall i do?
i can't stop thinking about it and its so annoying.

Whilst he was at uni ( he has quite now) i cheated on him and also kissed some guys...
But im confused as to why i say i dont care but if i didn't i wouldn't let someone effect me like this... :/


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  • it sounds like you two need to go your separate ways- yes, there might be some feelings there still, but i really think that'd be best. you do not seem to trust him, which i believe to be a big thing in a reltaionship because you check his Facebook and his emails. you shouldn't have to feel like you need to do this. also, if he is just being busy to bother you, then that is not a good sign of a mature relationship. you also said that you don't think you actually like him, then why are you with him?


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