How soon is too soon? And is he to old for me?

Me and my boyfriend of nearly 3 years broke up a month a go after being unhappy in the relationship for nearly a year. I met a guy at work and I think he may be into me.
The only problem is that he's 23 and I'm 17 nearly 18 (the legal age here is 16.) He's met both my parents as they work in the same place as us.

Is it too soon for me to start to hint that i like him? Do you think he's too old for me?

Also I know he's singles as he's said in front of me at work, he also takes a lot more interest in my life than the other people we work with. Such as why did we break up, were we together for long, just general things like that.

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He also guessed that we had broken up I didn't tell him.


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  • He's not too old for you age really doesn't matter. It makes more of a difference when your under the age of 18 but once you are over no one really cares anymore. It's really just a number. Hangout with him and see where it goes. I'm not sure how long you have known him but if your already on a friendly level with him hang out with him. It's not going to hurt but keep it casual if he like you more than a friend then I'm sure he will show you signs of that it you hangout.


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  • Start giving hint to that guy


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  • The age difference is not that big :) And you're the only one who can tell if it is too soon. If u feel ready to have a relationship with someone again, then go for it :)

  • I'm 17, and I'm in a complicated relationship with a 23 year old guy. I can honestly say that age doesn't matter, it's how you cooperate and function together as a couple that matters. Love is more important than a number.

  • I find that when you're in love, age doesn't come into play. A true relationship takes time, love and communication to be successful. So if you like each other then start hinting HUGE :)