Has my ex boyfriend really moved on?

So my ex and I broke up about 2 weeks ago. I ended things with him--immaturity issues, he has some growing up to do. He got really, really upset and said a bunch of mean things to me. Started all this stuff on Facebook...statuses like "on to the next", "so happy single", all these partying pictures and stuff. So I thought about things, and I reached out to him asking if we could start fresh, and giving him a heartfelt apology for breaking up...telling him I still really cared for him. His response was "I'm talking to someone." Did he really get over our relationship in 2 weeks? Should I just forget about him?


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  • Forget about him, you reached out and he didn't bite, you only want him back because you think he's having fun and moving on, don't forget the bad times you broke with him for a reason and getting back with him will just go back to how things were eventually , he also expects you to be storking his FB so what you see is literally the best he can produce to upset you , he will be storking yours as well guaranteed so find a nice new bloke and get a picture of him kissing you on your FB ASAP, then remove him:)


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