Are guys turned off by a girls "social status?"?

Like if a girl is great in every other way, but is uncertain about her career path, so doesn't have the most glamorous job and is living at home to focus on paying off debts is that a deal breaker.

Other than that she is mature, articulate, fun and has a college degree.

I know this can be a deal breaker for some girls, just wondering how guys feel about it when the roles are reversed?


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  • Yes it can to me because I know a woman wouldn't want to be with me if I was living at home with my parents. I expect the same things out of a woman that she expects out of me.


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  • To honestly tell you, a woman who is too into her career is a huge turn off. Women who have high career aspirations (such as lawyer and doctor degrees) are typically the snobbiest, most up tight, and worst girlfriends out there.

    I'm not saying women shouldn't be career driven, it's just those women tend to be harder to get along in a relationship.

  • Guys don't care about social status, only girls do.


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