Why is this girl acting like a "mum" to me?

I left her in a group without saying goodbye to her numerous of times. Every time I'll get a message from her saying why I left her without saying goodbye and that she was angry.

The most recent time, she asked me to explain my behaviour and made me promise not to make the same mistake again.

I met her 6 months ago and I love her very much. We are not officially in a relationship but she admitted to a friend I am her bf.

She turns to me whenever in need of support and would trust me on most personal matters.

So where do I stand with her?


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  • So you make it a point to exclude her, but love her and want to be in a relationship with her? The poor girl is probably confused... Or is super creepy if you don't want to be with her and want to be left alone. In which case, run...

    • She's not creepy at all... I enjoy being with her.

    • Then help the poor girl understand what you want. You're sending mixed signals like crazy. She seems to like you quite a bit.

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  • Well, sounds like you're sending mixed signals like crazy. If she said you're her boyfriend and you want to be? Just kiss her, and ask her to be your girlfriend. She's not going to say no. If this is creeping you out tell her you only want to be friends


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