Coming over for the summer to see a former crush where should we go for her birthday?

I know she likes me but she's also still in love with an ex. That's okay I guess I still really like her. I will be going over to see her and stay at a friends house. I don't know what to do for her birthday because I'm kind of hoping we will continue it further. I don't have a place of my own to cook for her and make it romantic. I don't have keys to her place so I can't pop in randomly. I was kind of hoping we'd head back to her place after. But I have no idea what to do.


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  • Find out what she likes, for me I love local food, so there's a spot I love that makes nothing but local food. For her, she may love pasta, tacos etc. Find a spot that has REALLY GOOD food that she would like. Don't make it an expensive restaurant, that'll just make things awkward. You want to be able to chill out and talk without pressure and expectations. If she really likes you, she will appreciate you researching what she likes and taking her to a place that she would go. Also, bring her a flower, not an expensive one. Again, you're in the beginning stages.

    • I know that she really likes roses I think or sunflowers. One of those would it be weird if I bought them?

    • No, just don't over do it. You'll find roses easier. Just get one in a color she likes.

  • invite her for dinner at a nice restaurant were you will have a nice time together...then, who knows she might invite you for a drink


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