We hooked up and he wouldn't give me his number and won't talk to me...?

I am separated and in the process of a divorce at the moment.

I have been going out with my aunt a few times a week and on a few occasions I have ran into an old co-worker that I worked with eight years ago. Back when I worked with him I never had an attraction but he would always try to talk to me. He's grown up and completely changed and I am definitely attracted to him.

I run into him again and we both get very intoxicated and end up taking things to the next level.

The next morning I have to leave and he takes me home - I ask to swap numbers but he refused to give me his number saying he's "not that kind of guy" and "he doesn't do this sort of thing". He acts like he doesn't believe I'm separated.

I give him my number on a paper hoping he will call.

A week goes by no call so I find an old mutual co worker and text him. Yes, I verified this was for sure his number. When I text him I don't right away tell him who it is I try to flirt and bring up conversations we had that would slowly suggest who I am. He try's to play off the card.. "I don't know who this is but you should probably stop texting me, my man wouldn't appreciate you". I explain that I would like to talk or see him and he completely ignores my texts...

Question is, did I just get played or do you think he is nervous about me still living with my ex and not wanting to get involved in that drama?

When I spent time with him the night we hooked up he seemed interested in my personal life and not just bedroom talk.

I am so confused.


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  • He probably has a women or just wanted a hook up with you /:


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