He likes me…he likes me not! Help me decide!

So I have dated this guy ages ago and then we stopped. I recently have starting having strong feelings for him and I can't work out if he likes me and I need your opinions. I see him weekly so I am finding it hard to move on!

-He looks at anything I post online
-I catch him staring at me although when he catches my eye he looks away
-At work it is possible for him to avoid me but he always talks to me once me work is over. When he knows I am about to head home he will always either walk past or stop and have a conversation.

Doesn't like me:
-He is not as keen as he was when he was chasing me i.e. he doesn't wave from a distance, doesn't hang onto every word I say
-Some weeks he will stop and have a chat and other weeks I will be right in front of him and he won't acknowledge me.

I really don't know what to do? I really, really like him but I can't see to figure out what he is feeling. I really want the chance to spend more time with him but don't want to bring it up if he isn't keen on me. Any thoughts?


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  • You should tell him how you feel. That you want to try the whole dating thing again. There's no point in not telling him if you have all this feelings they won't go away either way so just say how you feel.

    • I agree with you 100% but it seems much too scary and harder to do!

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    • Yet again you are right. I wish the fear of rejection isn't so scary!

    • Maybe you don't like him as much as you think you do...remember there is ALways someone that will like/love you...so don't fear rejection fear letting the moment pass you by.

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