Pre-Date meetup/ days out ideas?

Basically, just wondering if anybody from both a guys and girls perspective have some suggestions for activities to do to help get to know someone better?

Things which give you the opportunity to get to really talk to each other and maybe even work together so you get to know each other better?

The idea is things that don't seem too "datey" I.e fancy dinner.

I'll start it off,
A few games of Snooker/ Pool with each other! :)


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  • To be honest, I've never met a chick who genuinely likes to play snooker... so in some ways it's a good way to see if she likes you - if she's pretending to have fun, it's probably because she wants you to think she's not a moody cow.

    If you want to impress her, why not take her for that meal... doesn't need to be laid on too thick...