Where did you meet your current bf or gf?

Where can you meet decent guys these days? Most guys seem to just be after one thing at bars and clubs and also online..I'd like to meet guys a different way..not speed dating either lol and I don't have any real big hobbies that strike my interest so, where is left to meet decent guys? I feel like there may be more options like the internet and such but what if most seem to only want one thing as well. If you're taken, how did you meet your current bf/gf?


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  • No guy goes to a bar looking for his future wife. Guys go to bars looking for sex. All the guys I have ever known kinda look down on women at bars.

    Online is the way to go. I have met 3 on tinder, 2 on POF.com and 1 on Match.com

    The woman I just met so far is too good to be true. It is just amazing. I met her on Tinder.

    Unfortunately for a woman, according to my sister who met her fiance on POF.com, your going to have to weed through all those same assholes from the bar online. she said 75% minimum are just looking for sex or are married. but some of us good guys are out there.

    • Tinder is just a hook up app. And I want to be able to meet someone the normal way, not from someone on the net

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    • Do you think guys are any different out in "public" then online? there is just a greater concentration online. Since those sites are strictly for people to meet each other, it comes across that way. and yes, when I first heard about it they talked about it as a hook up app. it can only be used that way if both parties agree. most people use it to meet someone and not as a hook up site.

    • Never said that guys are any different in public to how they are online. I would just like to meet guys another way is all I'm saying :/

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  • It depends on your studies, on your degree, on your work. The internet is only a last hope. techrights.org/.../...zed_1229584137_youreadog.gif

    My wife and I met at the uni. We stayed together through all problems.
    My son met his first wife at college. They grew apart after they both had their ph. dr.
    His second wife teaches languages in the same school he's teaching maths.

    • Avoid clubs and bars!

    • Yeh which doesn't give you many other options

    • It depends on your personality and likes/dislikes: I'd look in libraries, volunteer work, organized cultural visits & tours, museums, language courses etc.

  • I had crush on my neighbour and first time i saw on our elevator...


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  • When I was 16 and moved to a new high school lol. We only started dating 6 years later though.

  • i met my bf at school we were both friends before

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