If you met on a dating site\app.. and the other side still used it to meet other people.. what would you do?

We've been on 3 great dates now. He still logs onto the dating app we met on. Although he hints about a future for us and we talk every day a lot and have lots of mutual interests..
For me.. I don't feel the need to meet anybody new, because he's amazing for all I've seen and I'm interested in him, a lot. But he obviously is looking for more. :(
When would you stop if it were you? If everything was going great? What would you advise me?


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  • he is keeping his options open, but technically he isn't tied down until you guys are official. i know how you feel though- if he was serious about you, he wouldn't be getting on the dating site still.

    if you two continue to go on dates and he still looks at the site, i would sit him down and be like "what am i to you."

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