He breaks up with me but still calls and texts....a lot

We are both almost 30 and he broke with me because "i gave him no other choice". Meaning I said to him I would rather not see him at all than not knowing when I will be able to see him. Although I apologized for saying that before he broke up with me he says he wants a girlfriend to stand by him and that I was not in that situation. We live 45 minutes apart and we both own our own homes. We both work full time, I'm also taking classes and being single mom of 3 kids and he just started his own business along with his other job. We are busy and time went from seeing each other every night to once a week...that is when I made the comment. I boxed up his stuff and dropped it off when he was not home, he knew I was. That night he text me that he misses me so much. So when I talked to him next he says I hurt him so much and he is not sure if he wants to get back together. This is killing me because he will say I wanted to marry you...or I still love you and I miss you, etc. I asked him what he wants and needs and he said he just needs time to heal. I told him I would back off and he told me no that is not what he wants. So I don't get it...he does not want to be with me right now but he does not want me to give him space. He sent me a text last night that said I miss you :( I miss your touch, your feel, your beside me, :( night beautiful. I have mixed feelings! I am so confused. Any advice?

Yesterday I had a hard day and I was crying to my cousin and my ex called and I said to him I think my cousin thought I was going to jump off a bridge (trying to make light of the subject) and he stated you can't do that I need you.


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  • My boyfriend and I go through days like this where he will tell me that he has so much to do that he can't see me for several days or perhaps a week and I say okay and then he will call or text me and tell me he will pick me up in a couple of hours to spend a few days at his house. I believe guys miss us but they aren't sure how to really convey their emotions. We have gotten into several arguments about this same issue and I have said I was just going to stay home and a few hours later we are talking again like nothing happened. He has also said he needs someone to understand him, to understand everything he has to do and to stand by him. I would like to see him more sometimes, but I have to also realize the schedules we both have. I believe if you talk to him and explain that you only said that because you missed him and you apologize and that you are willing to stand by him, he will feel better. Just explain to him how difficult it was for you to go from seeing him every night to once a week. The same thing hapened to me and it was hard. Maybe you can keep in touch through video chatting or even just texting or calling each other every night. Just some form of comunication. That is what my boyfriend and I do and it makes me feel a whole lot better.


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