My boyfriend seems to be too busy to talk and its intentional?

Before my boyfriend didn't have a job, nothing, he would text me all day, like almost throughout the whole day unless I was in lectures. I thought, ok this is a bit much ( but i only just knew him) yet i thought he must really like me.
Three years down the line I almost finished uni, and we were talking about moving in and doing stuff when i finished. However he decides to move to uni far far away from me. And it really upset me. Then he decided to quit because he couldn't e bothered with it, he got a job.
Im not clingy and im very independent, we can go for a week or two without seeing eachother and a few days without talking which to me is fine.
However him going to uni made me feel like he literally did not care and everything we were thinking of just went out the window.
Well he came back anyway and got a ob, but I've never felt the same way about him since.
Also since he has his job, he now always says how busy he is and that he can't talk to me much, and that he might take on more shifts because he is so busy etc etc.
Since I've known him i have been busy I had a job and was at uni yet i still made time to talk to him and saw him twice a week. Since he has had this job i see him every two weeks or so.
And tbh i dont even like him any more now, the way he makes me feel is like he is too busy to talk to me. I am not a horrible person but i want to ignore him too, or do something that will make him realise that i am getting disinterested in him.
I am going to start a new job when i finish uni in the summer, and he complains how we won't see eachother! I dont want to but i will have to ignore him the whole day whilst at work as he does to me, then wait to i get home to reply. And Maybe only reply once. So he knows how it feels to feel like he is only talked to when boredom strikes.
I dont know what to do because Im not a horrible person , but it actually makes me feel horrible and like someone to talk to when bored.


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  • Based off what you were saying, It sounds like he is selfish and is only interested in whats best for him. When you're in a relationship you truly care about, everytime you make a big decision with your life, its almost a natural instinct to run it by your lover.

    Relationships and love is all about working together as a team to help each others lives and spending time together. He sounds like he is all about himself and you should try to talk about him, In my opinion, he doesn't sound truly in love anymore.


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  • how did it turn out? curious b/c i'm in a similar situation


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  • Okay - what I would suggest is dont play a game like 'oh because he is ignoring me - i will ignore him'.. No. What I would do is I would just carry on with my day, or try to talk to him about it? See what he says.. If he says that he's sorry and he tries harder, then okay. If nothing changes then just end it.. if he wanted to make time for you he would. x