Was he getting jealous & why? Guys why do you do this?

So me & my guy friend have been messing about for ages now & he's done so many things that seem like he's jealous for example:

He gave me a back massage a couple of weeks ago & I stripped off my top half for him. While at my party my other guy friend gave me a back massage. My other friend then said 'did you strip off for him too?' And then got short with me.

While out drinking with a couple of our guy friends (I wasn't present) some of the guys were saying how they were going to 'smash me' my guy friend lets call him Dave then apparently claimed me his, and made them back off.

When I was at his quite a few of his friends were pesting me while drunk & he kept leaning over reading my messages asking 'what are they saying' 'are they pesting me?' 'Who is it?'

Another time I was going out with a guy on a date he knew off. He told me I could do so much better and how I should be aiming 7's and up's. Then classed himself as a 7.

These are only a few of the main times but does it sound like jealousy & why?


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  • Sounds like they have the hots for you. It's all competition between them.


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  • he likes you. and wants to be more than friends.. that is why he is jealous.. you should just talk to him about it and be like why do you care so much were just friends, and say unless your telling me that you really like me more than a friend

  • it all depends, do you like him.. do you want to be in a relationship with him. then maybe you could tell him that he can either cuff you up or let you do single stuff and stop being jealous


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  • Oh gee I don't know, he must have feelings for you and doesn't like that you allow yourself to be passed around. But it's his own fault for not making a move anyway.

    • Ahaa I should say that I haven't hooked up with any of my guy friends except him. I won't lie that I don't get male attention but I don't do anything with it as I'm not that girl! Ahaa reading it back it doesn't sound to good, think I made myself come across in the wrong way!

    • That's ok. But he has feelings for you, although if you're not in a relationship you have every right to be a "single gal," so don't let anyone make you feel you need to be tied down to them unless they are willing to make it official and if that is what you want.

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