Going Crazy, asked a girl out on a date & haven't heard from her yet, ladies is she playing me?

i set up a little ice cream movie date with a girl on Monday and its Thursday. Monday she told me "maybe I don't know if im working" and i said ok cool. i don't think she's flaking cause she told me she couldn't wait to go get some and see me soon. i was thinking if it would be ok to text her a little reminder. cause i heard If you schedule a date more than a few days in advance, send her a reminder. Sometimes girls forget or get cold feet. i was thinking of sending something kinda funny and flirty like "did you pick out a cute outfit for Friday night yet?” does this seem like a good idea i haven't heard from her yet or should i just wait for her to get back at me or is she waiting to see if i actually care enough to remind her? i know her telling me she couldn't wait to see me and get some sounds like a yes but when i ask her out why would she say maybe and its been like 3 days and were suppose to go out tomorrow i honestly don't know what to do besides wait. my friends were thinking if she hits me up on Friday i tell her i can't go and that i didn't think she didn't wanna go again cause i have plans


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  • Yes, you need to remind her. I wouldn't word it like you did, you are insinuating that she accepted. That may give off the wrong signals to her if she still is undecided that you are pushy. I would say something like, "I am really looking forward to seeing you Friday, are still interested in going with me?"
    Good luck!

    • doesn't that come of as needy or clingy if i push again?

    • Needy or clingy is asking over and over and right way after a date. You have waited long enough and haven't over-asked.

    • lol i just texed her if she was working and a second later she told she "iam ;/"

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  • That sounds like a sweet idea, send her a friendly brief reminder about your plans. Even if she cancels the plans, just the fact that she responded shows she cares about not leaving you hanging. Never know people's schedules, she could be seriously busy. Never know, just ask her! I'm still waiting for my boyfriend to respond to me--it's been a week:( and I'm going cray!
    Hope that helped lol ^_^


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  • u should wait to see what happens, dont text her cause if she really care about u she will go to the date, girls never forget this kind of stuffs when someone like her xd

    • i dont think i have much of a choice to wait haha but the suspense and getting to me

  • I'd say from her silence that she just isn't interested.