What is a good dating site for educated young people?

I used to like DateMySchool.com, but now you have to pay for it.

Is there another site that verifies school emails, but is free? I don't want another girl with no ambition or career. I want an educated woman.

OK everyone, so I gave OKCupid another try after your insistence:

First 5 girls-
2 had babies
2 had no career in mind (or a shitty one)
1 was a total C**T

So thats why I liked DateMySchool instead.


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  • Wow really? I get the exact opposite that you do. All of my matches are gorgeous 8-10's with about 25% of them have Master's Degrees. I couldn't be more disappointed.

    Personally, those girls are less attractive to me because I find them to be shallow and way too concerned with silly things like a piece of paper that tells others what I studied in school.

    No offense to you. Obviously, you feel different about that and so do those women. More power to you. I'm just saying that I feel differently about it.

    Anyhow, try OKcupid.com That's where I'm finding all of these women.

    • I know what you're talking about.. they are recent grads who got into some nursing or w/e field, and they think they are better than everyone... Thats why I want a site just filled with grads, so they don't have that attitude.

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    • I agree with this. You sir, must love an excellent bagel

    • Nobless, you bastard, now I know why all your bullshit works for you lol

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  • I wouldn't assume that all people that go to College are ambitious.
    Sure, it's easy to enroll in a College for a semester or two.

    It's not about who starts the race...it's about who finishes.

    Why not just join a regular dating site and get to know someone,
    and make that assumption yourself (whether they are motivated or not).

    To answer your question, I really don't know much about College sites.
    But plentyoffish.com is good and okcupid.com

    • Its all about probability - much more likely the person is ambitious if going to a certain college, etc. POF and OKCupid is filled with girls who are doing nothing and (in my experience) have children.

      Of course not all are like that, but I'm trying to get a better sample.

  • Craiglists

    • :-O Craigslist? educated?
      omg! no way!
      that is the place of all scam artists and predators.
      Not saying ALL,
      but definitely a good share!

    • Craigslist is the armpit of humanity, scammers predators, the deranged.

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  • My question is are there a lot of actual educated young people becuase I see mostly fools.

    • there are not. thats why i need to go to great lengths to find them... haha

    • Lol true.

    • Well by the time I finish my schooling I'll know human anatomy, bio science nutrition and lots if other stuff pretty I'll be educated.

  • Well you need to make some friends in nursing or healthcare. Tons of girls.

    • Or I guess you could hit the bars hardcore every weekend this summer. Last summer there was this tall Dutch nurse who wanted marriage/babies. They're out there.

    • The bar thing only works in certain places. None of the young women these days knows how to socialize. Or is it just me?

  • An Archaeological site.

  • Go to college, you can get as many degrees as you want and be around educated girls.

    Trying to meet girls online is a waste of time.

  • You could try GAG