Do guys rather a woman who acts like she doesn't really care what he does?

I just want to know is it more sexy to y'all or no need to do all that?


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  • Only in a good way. I prefer girls who are not overbearing on what I am doing. Girls in the past have gotten their hands into too much of my business and that got annoying. I especially cannot stand girls who try to get in the way of my job trying to tell me what to do in it. Or ones who try to get me back into school. I live on my own and pay my own bills yet have had girls who live with their parents trying to act independent.

  • if you care, then care. if you dont, then dont. dont play games and 'act' like anything is probably the best bet.

    if he can't or doesn't like the way you react to things, maybe he isn't the right person for you :)


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