Other dudes: anyone else having this problem with dating websites?

Ok so everytime I get on this website I look for my best matches. MOST of my "best matches" are these fucking gorgeous women who are either going to grad school or already graduated and are these career-type women.

I just want an average girl, really. Honestly I don't even know if these "matches" are doctored up by the websites to keep guys around. So that's my questions, what do you guys think? You having the same problems I am?

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  • I don't think dating websites are actually a good idea. Unless it's something shady as hell, like Tinder or Craigslist, haha, in which case you'll probably get lucky.

    Meeting girls in person just overall seems way better, even if you have to spend a few hours going to places you don't like to do it.


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  • I'm not a dude, but I have the opposite situation. My ideal personality aren't attractive. Bummer.


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  • Well, talk with them and see if they are that gorgeous or if they are in grad school. I know girls that are down to earth that work hard and are in grad school, they just don't have time for much else.

  • Primary reason I don't use dating sites-unreliability.

    Especially if the site is free, they're going to doctor results forward the "best" candidates they have on the site. Hint: some of them are fake, if not all (zoosk).

    Okcupid is the OPPOSITE. Their "best matches" are usually the people who are mostly an enemy to you.

    I'd suggest paying if you're going the online dating route. However, I've had much more success in real life.

  • Most of the dating websites on the internet are filled with fake women. Either that or they are simply con artist sites. As soon as you pay them their fee, the winks, likes and automated emails stop.

    • Well I'm on a free site.

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    • I know, perhaps some guys wouldn't even talk about those subjects, but it will come out one day either way. Why break up a few months or so from now when you can break up before you get together? LOL!!! I like to weed out the liberal girls.

    • Dude, you're absolutely right.

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