Dating via text message! Can you really know what someone is trying to say via text?

To put this message in context. I sent him a text saying it has been a long time since we last saw each other and I would love it if we could get to know each other better even though I know he works and travels A LOT. This was the response I received...

Ya, I take on too much some times but it's nice to keep my head busy. I am hoping to slow down a little bit soon. I agree it seems like forever ago since we last saw each other. Give me a little more time to straighten my stuff out and we'll meet up again. Enjoy this awesome weather we are having and we'll talk soon ;)"

Does it sound like he is being sincere? Does he really intend to see me again? Is he into me?



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  • It seems pretty informative so you know he put time and thought into it. He added !!!(3) in the beginning, probably wants to express his excitement.

    Sounds like he is both being sincere and interesting in seeing you again.

    The text seems to have a positive energy to it.

    • I was pretty stoked about the 3-!!! also. I took the message as he has a lot of things already scheduled for work but would like to take the time to see me as soon as he can. Do you think I'm far off? Oh yeah, and I have never gotten a ;) before!

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    • I've been told I'm very wise for my age by many people. I can't tell whether to take it as a compliment or a slight backhanded insult haha.

      I try to think in ways I could not possibly imagine myself and take it in and then think more of another way.

      No problem and Good Luck to you!:)

    • Btw, do you think this message sounds platonic in any way? Or is it safe for me to assume there are definite affections being expressed?

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  • It's hard to tell but it looks to me like he has other priorities before you, I'd find someone who has more time for you.

    • I am aware of his other priorities. I am willing to wait for him to be available because I think he's worth it and honestly I'm not interested in anyone else. Am I being totally stupid or does it at least seem hopeful?

    • You can always hope if you like him so much, it's not stupid. Perseverance is a great quality, you need that to get ahead in life.
      You could be naughty and text him that you can "keep his head busy" and write "if you know what I mean" after it.
      I'm not trying to be rude thats just what my girlfriend actually did once and it brought me home early.

    • Trust me, I had thought about it. But I'm not sure I want to give that kind of impression just yet. He is a shy guy so I'm careful not to scare him off.

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  • Sounds as if he is being very straight forward with you. God knows tone is hard to convey but look at the whole picture. He took time to send you a text containing more than just a few words. That is a fairly lengthy message to receive from someone uninterested or insincere. That is my take :)