How to deal with moody bf? Too short?

I've been dating this guy for the last year or so and every once in a while he'll get into really grumpy moods. He'll still hang out with me but he's so out of it and so quiet that it makes me gloomy. My mood is based a little bit on the energy of the people around me, so when he's down, I'm down.

He won't tell me what's wrong or anythkng. I just don't know how to deal with these moods. I give him space and wait for him to contact me when he's over whatever it is made him grumpy

I understand people get bad moods, i do too. But it's hard. It makes me feel bad and I always automatically think it's something I did when most likely it has nothing to do with me.

How do you guys deal with grumpy people?


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  • I deal with it by making them happy. I know that sounds like a dumb answer but that's how it is. I just pummel them with jokes until one sticks then it's easy. This is only true if I care about the person, like we have been friends for a while or something. If it's somebody I'm just meeting I'll just chill with someone else.

    We all get that way sometimes. The best way to deal with it is to do something over the top special for him just because. After that maybe talk about it to get better understanding once he's in a good mood. You're right it probably is a personal problem of his. I don't know if he's an open guy but if you do what I told you you have a better chance at him opening up. That'll set a framework for things in the future.



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