Should I give him a try or just ignore it?

in seventh grade, three years ago i was dating this guy david. one time david, his friend luis, & i were hanging out at the park. & as horrible as it sounds i thought luis was so cute & i kinda had a crush on him and after me and david broke up, luis tried talking to me but considering it was me ex's friend and i was just coming out of a relationship i turned him down. luis went on to date this girl and they were together for about two years. they broke up about a month ago and me & luis have been talking everyday the last couple weeks, hanging out but nothing serious. he recently asked me on a date but i don't know if it's too soon for me to get caught up with a guy that is only a month out of a long relationship. he's super sweet & i like him but i don't want to keep putting my feelings into someone who may not be ready to give & put in as much effort as i would.


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  • U can give him a shot. But, remember he just came out of a relationship so it might be possible that he is not serious about u or he is just trying to move on from his ex. So be a bit cautious at the beginning. :)


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