I found a picture of a girl he knew back home on his phone, should I be worried?

I started seeing this guy who's from California but now goes to grad school here on the east coast. I don't know that much about his dating history but I kinda sorta went through his phone while he was asleep and found some stuff I'm not sure about. I was drunk and shouldn't have gone through his phone, I don't want to be lectured because I know it's wrong but anyway...I found some pictures of this really pretty girl on his phone and then read his texts with her. Apparently they were roommates who hooked up for years and it didn't end well but they were off and on and the last time they talked was a few months ago before he moved here and it was really intense. Is she someone I should worry about? Do you think he still has feelings for her? He doesn't talk to me like he was talking to her...but he told her he couldn't be friends with her. Is that good or bad? I don't know what to do. Thoughts?


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  • there might be something between them..i might be not love but purely physical

    • In the texts it seems like they were trying to figure out how to stay in each other's lives after he left and she asked him if he had feelings for her and he said yes and then they went on to talking about their feelings and he wanted her to come over and she said no but that maybe she would the next day and then the next day he told it wasn't a good idea for her to come over and that was that. I stalked her fb and saw that she's moving here next year also. I just think I might be falling in love with him and don't want to get hurt

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    • Why don't you just ask him directly if you really want to know?

    • Because then I have to admit that I went through his phone.

      I guess I'm mostly bothered because he told me that when he's done with a girl, he's done and like writes her off and deletes her number and blah blah blah but clearly he didn't do that with her. They had like years worth of texts saying that they were done and then they'd talk again and earlier this year they were exchanging pictures and I don't know. I guess I'm jealous...I know I sound crazy