Do you think he still likes me?

There's a guy that I used to be very close with; we've drifted in the year and a half we've been close for due to arguments etc. We used to have very strong feelings for each other. He's said some things here and there that I've taken as a hint that he might still have some feelings for me; I told him he's changed and that I didn't like the new him and he said 'for you I haven't changed' so he's said some things now and then.

He cut me off about 2 months ago but then came back a month later saying he really missed me and that he f'ed up by leaving. However my question is; the other day I mentioned that he wouldn't worry about anything to do with me and he said 'na I care about you.'

Do you think / does that mean he likes me? I just don't see guys say that often to girls unless they like them. Sorry if this is a stupid question, it's just hard to tell when I'm in the middle of it all.

Thank you !


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  • Maybe all that time being alone , he finally realised he missed what he didn't have anymore. Well you. I've done that before, but then i remember why i left some girl. So then again im not sure. Ask him yourself.


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  • No , he hates you

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