What is a good way to keep your guy on his toes in a relationship?

I want to keep my boyfriend super interested still like we were when we first met. How can I do that easily? What are some tips and tricks?


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  • A good way to keep him attentive, is to be attentive yourself. You both create the atmosphere in your relationship. Generally, we're either building each other up, or breaking each other down. Be proactive in finding ways to build him up. Surprise him sometimes with dinner, or a special date, or a gift, keep things fresh in the bedroom, take care of and maintain your figure. Give him peace in your relationship, his time with you should be relaxing not taxing.

    It's just a given, that the spark WILL fade. It's not natural for it to endure, but that's ok. If you two are going to be a successful happy couple, that spark will be replaced by a loving connection that is meant to maintain a relationship for the long run.


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  • don't even try to do that, be yourself, don't be someone your not because if it'll get serious you will not be able to keep that up. It is impossible to feel the same thing in the beginning of your relationship and after 6 months. Just be who you are, if he doesn't think that's intresting enough, he should be considered ditching material. I know this sounds harsh but that's how it is, in a relationship both sided have to do effort to make it work, as long as it feels right, your doing a good job.

    Good luck for both of you

  • Be interesting and you will find a partner will be interested in you.

  • go in front of tv naked if he is watching sports or just do that to see what he says if you went around the home nude


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  • That is game playing and is sure to backfire.
    Just keep a backbone and don't stand or unfair treatment.
    The right guy for you should always be interested. You shouldn't have to put on an act or play games to do this.
    If you have to do that, then his heart isn't in the relationship.
    You visit wanting to work *together* to reignite a spark if you've been together a very long time and that spark is gone.
    You shouldn't be on the sidelines concocting a gameplan to keep him on his toes. It shouldn't be like that.