Is there something to hold out for?

I've known this guys for 6 years now. I've had a crush on him for 5 of the years. We haven't gone to school together since my freshman year of highschool, his sophomore year, but we've seen each other occasionally over the years, and I am really good friends with his little sister. However, he's had a girlfriend since his junior year. Unfortunately, I've still carried a crush for him in my back pocket, and it shows itself whenever I see him. Its been months, and my friends and I decided to go see if he was working at the job he'd recently gotten (information his sister gave me) and my friends thought he seemed to be flirting with me. However, he mentioned his girlfriend out of the blue. It was a short chat, but he's been on my mind ever since. Its been a week, and I know I sound so dumb right now, but do you think there may be anything I could hope for?


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  • he has a girlfriend, don't hope for anything till they break up.