A girl I like is playing hard to get..?

So I admitted my feelings and now she is being hard to get, I really like her and she is moving out of the country in a month and she has no reason to stay here unless I make it other wise, any tips or advice to make her like me? She has kind of been jealous today when we met because I was flirting with other girls that were flirting with me.



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  • Maybe she just doesn't feel the same way? Girls don't play hard to get. That's media and movies telling you that. If a girl liked you, she'd want to be your girlfriend straight away. If she has qualms, she starts distancing herself and that makes guys just hope she's playing hard to get when actually, she probably doesn't want you to get her at all. Like the other guy said, if you started distancing yourself, she'd want you all to herself but then the relationship may start on false pretenses.

    • Okay I thought the same thing but what about this, yesterday me and her class went out to the park and everything was fine until girls including her sister started flirting with me and she got jealous (I don't study in their school). So when I got home she told me that we should stop talking and she wished me good luck in life and that she understood what kind of a guy I am (having girls circle around me). I told her that I like her and she got surprised so we argued on and off and she said that "It's not like I don't care about you, but I don't need a guy who is gonna hit on my sister and then admit his feelings to me" (yeah shit happened she flirted with me and I went a long but I don't have feelings for her sister). Really long story short she forgave me and we kept our relationship. She is a shy girl and had only one boyfriend but I really like her for who she is and I doubt she got 0 feelings for me because she wants to talk to me all day.

    • You can't even talk civilly as friends without arguing so why do you think a relationship would work out? She's also pretty pissed that you hit on her sister if she brought it up again. If she's happy to not talk to you ever again, then I doubt she was jealous and I doubt she has feelings for you again. You should move on.

    • Nah you didn't get the point, we talked this out yesterday and she kept on mentioning that I talked with other girls and joked around them rather than her so she is definitely jealous. Then a funny thing I added her sister when we got home just to see how my girl is doing and I told her the situation when we got back together again her sister wrote this to me "Oh great, you are friends again" 2 hours later when we were on the phone her sister came in all angry "Why are you using the phone so long? who are you talking to?" yada yada yada. She then told me that she got jealous of her that we are back again. So now I am in a position where 4 girls like me and 2 sister are fighting over me but I only want one of them.

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  • You've done everything you can from your end, now its her move. If she's meant to be in your life then she will find her way into your life. If she's moving away then you're most likely not going to see her again for a very long time if at all, and I wouldn't expect her to stay just for your sake. If you want her in your life then you can always keep in contact with her, but don't hold out for her as your only option.

    • Logical I have said the same but she refused to leave and rather chose to forgive me even though I fucked up quite a lot now.

  • Just ignore her, don't even acknowledge her existence, she'll get as mad as a hatter for sure.

    • Well, anything else?

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    • Well I am perplexed, have you tried to kiss her, puckered up and leaned in for a smoochie, smooch, smooch?

    • Nah, 'cause we haven't really went on a date yet but I have gone to physical contact like sitting close, bumping etc.

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