Do Asians look better tanned or pale? Just in general?

I'm Asian and I was born with very light skin color. I got pretty tanned as a child once, which made me have uneven skin tone back then. Now I'm sort of pale again still with some uneven skin tone and I was wondering if I should get tanned again since I'm in college now, I'd like to look attractive.

I consider myself to be average-good looking, prettier with make-up, and beautiful with a bright smile. I'm not short or fat. I know most people don't discriminate but I'm not sure if my skin color creates an invisible barrier between me and others, since I don't really get asked out.

I guess it might have to do with my personality too, since I don't party a lot, I like reading, drawing, painting, dancing, photography, tea, British shows, good music, and occasionally video games. My sorority roommate thought those were ridiculous and laughed at it, so I'm guessing that might be what's separating me and the other people in college.

Okay this is getting off topic haha, so guys and girls, do you think Asians look better tanned?

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  • Most Asians tan beautifully. I dated a Japanese girl for a while and she had the most perfect, beautiful tan I have ever seen and I've dated a lot on tan girls. Go for it!


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  • I like my Asians well done.

  • Depending on your ethnicity, if you're Thai or Indian, then tanned, if you're Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese or Chinese, then pale.

    • But people from Southeast asia already are kind of tanned

    • Yeah but I think they can look like almost greyish when they are really pale for their pigment.

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