Guys be serious. What are the chances of going from friends with benefits to ltr with the same woman.?

And if you were to do that, what would u change? What would you do differently? Would you stop having sex and try to be more like a friend, hang out more, or just let her know. Or is it just doomed, no hope because you already got the goods?


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  • honestly I say its hard to do but not impossible either it really depends on how much your two personality's get along , do you talk or do other stuff beside sex? how was it started him or you and did one of you make a absolute just FWB. ask your self all those and then if you think its possible gentle bring it up. if it was me I wouldn't want you to pressure the issue (that would drive me away) but easy in to the discussion I'd think is the best way. yes spending more time together hanging out would help , and NO don't stop the sex if y'all are good there many guys bond throw sex when you cut it off he mite feel something wrong , its over or some other feeling alone those lines.
    At your age range to guys are more except-able to settling down but he mite not even know you want more then friends with benefits especially if you started it. Us guys are pretty basic food an sex we are good but mind reading or even singles we are just lost

    • Well its been on going for 2 years. I started it all. I put us in the friends with benefits category, as I had just got out of a ltr 5 years. But I shortly after regretted that and realized how much I liked him, and wanted more, but he doesn't want a girlfriend because he's been hurt in the past. I mean I do see some progress with him, but it's real slow. So I don't know. He also lacks experience due to lack of dating. Even with past girlfriends, he always had someone helping him along the way, but with me, he just doesn't want to take it to the next level I guess.

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    • Thanks for the MH

    • Yw anytime it's the truth ;)

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  • What's "Itr?"

    • Long term relationship

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    • Ok. I will keep a heads up. So far it's going good then.

    • And i have to discipline myself because I want the sexual intimacy more than anything, but I also want companionship and to get to know him better. So I have to be patient I guess and don't let my hormones get the best of me. Lol.

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