Is it odd to not know why your significant other and their previous partner broke up?

He and his ex are still good friends but she is with someone new.
They used to live together and everything.

He tells me he "forgets" why they broke up. ...after being as serious as living together?

When we first met he talked about her a lot, and hinted that he left her. Like he was talking about their dog that they had together (he keeps the dog) and said the dog seems to have abandonment issues, and I forget his exact wording but he said he was the same way like in regards to his ex.

So I pretty much figure his ex left him.

But why? It's almost like a "job interview" of sorts- what's his track record? What should I know, what is he potentially hiding?

I suppose only time will tell. But it does make me feel he was at fault, and it is bad enough that he can't own up to it. I'm just surprised he didn't say it simply didn't work out, instead of saying he forgets.
Yeah right, you forget why you had to move out of the house you rented and then split everything up...

Anyone else not know any details? I'd initially asked him before we even started dating, we were just friends at the time.


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  • He forgot why because she dumped him.


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  • Not to weird. That was their life and might be kinda personal to share

  • If he really wants you to know, he'll eventually open up about it, if not, don't push the issue as that could lead to a big fight and a possible break up.

    • I have a feeling he's not going to tell me but the way he's gone about it really has me wondering. I don't know if or when I will ask again, I may not but now I'm drawing up conclusions in my head

    • Please just follow my advise, I have been there in the past and know what I'm talking about.

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  • I just see old exes as stepping stones of fate: if they hadn't broken up, I would have never met the guy. I don't think it's odd not to know because it was a part of his and his ex's relationship - not his and your relationship, so he may want to keep the old out of the new. At the end of the day, only the two of them will ever really understand what their relationship really was and why it eventually ended.