How can I talk to my online crush again?

Ok I met this girl online and we have been talking for about a month. We really seemed to like each other. We got to know each other as best we could online. She even said she wanted to meet me soon. That's when I opened up and something inside me poured the most heartfelt words that I myself was surprised at. We have been talking on AIM for a while. Sometimes she can't get online and I am fine with that. But one day I went to message her and she didn't answer. Instead some random guy started saying I better back off and stop talking to her. The weird thing was that

first- she was busy that night and couldn't get online.

second- I know pretty much that her friend doesn't like me.

third-the "guy" that answered blocked me from her myspace AND aim.

But, the other weird thing is that a couple days before this happened she told me how much she liked me and she loves talking to me and can't wait to meet me in person. It was very sincere and I took it to heart. Now I have no way of talking to her. Why would a girl all of a sudden cut all communication with me? Even if she said herself that she really liked me? Is it because she is scared? Or she can't really grasp what has happened? Is it natural for a girl to withdraw from a situation if they are unsure of it? Please help


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  • In cases like this where two people meet online and never in person it's really hard to say what her reason for cutting off all communication is. In my opinion it is almost impossible to attach real feelings with online chatting, no matter what the nature. Making it easy to end all communication without there being any real reason. Are you sure that this "friend" you speak of that doesn't like you isn't actually a boyfriend? There are too many women in your area I'm sure, that you can have a real relationship with rather than worrying about a person you know only through words. I mean that in the nicest possible way, you shouldn't worry so much about someone you never met, go out and really meet someone and have a good time! Goodluck!


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