Girls, why did she just seem to want to talk but not meetup?

Is she just seeking attention? I suggested we go bowling and she said its a good idea, but wanted me to talk to her more. we've been messaging and have talked on the phone like three times and have been texting for like 2 weeks now and yet she says I don't talk to her enough when we text for like 2 hours per night. I don't get it. I have a life besides texting a girl all the time. I guess ill look for another girl. I figured we would have met in person by now. Isn't she taking things a little slow?

Just an attention whore I guess. She quit texting back. I'm ok with that. I have other things to do besides texting all the time. I think she really wanted me to text her nonstop, but that's ridiculous. I think.


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  • I get like that too. I don't honestly know why and I have to force myself out of my comfort zone to hang out with a guy I have never met. I can be insecure with my looks and I think that has a lot to do with it. I love texting a guy as sad as that is I could do it non stop all day long. But there does come a point where you need to meet that person and move beyond texting. I think it might be an insecurity issue another is a fear of rejection. I know when I meet a guy for the first time I am scared I am not going to be what they expected or they just want to have sex with me. Even though it should be a compliment when someone wants to have sex with you it is also kind of a slap in the face. I think that you just need to talk about this with her. She may be oblivious too it like I used to be. Please don't go looking for other girls until you tell her what the issue was because that is going to make her feel like shit. Just talk about it with her, communication is the key to any good relationship!

  • Sounds like she's putting off meeting you. I know that if I were interested I'd make it happen! Sounds like she's making excuses and just wants attention, yeah. I say this bc I've unfortunately done the same things to guys I'm not all tht interested in but just feel bored and want to chat.


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