How do you make your ex work for you when he/she want you back?

How do you make your ex work for you when he/she want you back? Do you ignore them?
Do you purposely hurt them? If so how?


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  • You don't. If you want you back you fucking take her back or you let her go. You are the biggest asshat I've seen on here in a while. "She wants me back, but I want to teach her a lesson" what are you- seven? She loves you, she cares about you. If you want her back be a fucking grown up and say yes, if you don't then grow up and let her go. You are a childish, insolent little brat, I bet you wish you could get revenge on your exes who don't want you back, too, eh?

    Yeah, go hurt her, make her feel like shit or even punch her, that makes you a really good person.

    • wow chill the hell out. Who said I will do that? I am just asking. I'm wondering if my ex is doing it to me... WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?

    • I've been begging her for 2 months she never said, "we will never get back together, or I don't love you anymore." She's been acting very cold to me. and I was too embarrassed to tell my story to people even though I hid myself.

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  • don't go back to an ex their called exes for a reason I'm sure there was a significant reason why you guys broke up. theirs so many other girlies out there!!!

    • This times a million. I regret how much time I invested in failed relationships. This wisdom exists for a reason. Take the correct path and meet more people, it's better.

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  • You act cold and play hard to get. I'm assuming they deserve this right?

    • What if they decide to move on because they misunderstood that you have no interest in them anymore?

    • Then don't play hard to get...