How to be a douche bag?

How to be a douche bag to girls?

I need to know because I'm sick of being the nice guy and getting sh*t on women because I'm the nice guy and they always take advantage of me and never wanna hang out with me but always the douche bag. So please enlighten me

getting sh*t on BY women*
how about not caring?


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  • Dont be a nice guy, simple as that. Be the guy that you KNOW will pick up the girls. Think of the movie Fight Club. Turn yourself into your own Tyler Durden. Be a nice guy to your parents and siblings but the truth is, if you want to pick up hot chicks be the guy the girls want to be with. I can tell from your little blurb that you probably wern`t among the popular kid in school. Most likely right in the middle. Here's a few things you can do to start yourself off.

    1) Fauxhawk - Do it! The girls loveeee it.

    2) Tattoo of something meaningful to yourself. Give the girls something to approach you about. Letting you take control telling the story of it.

    3) Show that you have style, don't go to Wal Mart and buy cheap clothes. At the very least try American Eagle or something similer. Don't have to go crazy.

    4) Work on your body- Try P90x and if your to lazy for that get a gym membership. You can even do exercises at home. Try taking up running as a hobbie.

    5) Your smell- Buy a nice Cologne, David Beckams are pretty good. CK, Giovanni and Guess are good to. You choose!

    6) If you don't have a car or your licence, go get them! Girls love guys that can drive! Even if you drive a piece of garbage they still love the concept of a guy that can actually pick them up!

    7) If you have done all these then you should have a big confidence boost! All you need now are great talking skills! You can work on them yourself!

    • Dude, just be yourself. It might take a while but a girl will come along. All this crap about changing yourself is crap. A girl will like you for you. Yes there are somethings you should do (be more stylish, get a car), but honestly you'll be fine

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  • sounds like you've just been jilted. we don't like bad guys because they're bad, it's a certain vibe they give off. they tend to be more confident, they're more adventurous, and to be honest, they usually dress better. so you can be a nice guy, but if you have a more "stick it to the man" attitude, girls will be more attracted. and then when they find out you're a nice guy, it'll be a pleasant surprise and it'll work to your advantage.

    but also, it's because you're young and girls who are our age aren't always too bright and they still think that they'll be the one to tame the act like you need taming.

    • Exactly. well said.

    • Well I'm a nice guy and I dress nice

      and my confidence levels have gone up since the high school years

      and I know girls want the spontaneous guy

      and I don't think I fall for the wrong girls

      because all the girls that use me seem sweet in the beginning, and without an attitude and through out but then just drop me

    • Well that's what bad boys do well, they keep a girls interested and curious. you and look and have the attitude of a BAMF but not treat women like f*ck mothers.

  • Yea, I have to agree with me, it just seems as if you're so p*ssed off right now and you're venting your feelings out right now.

    I can understand what you mean though. It does seem as if the nice guys suffer the most when it comes to getting girls. I don't know what it is with our sex ... something about the bad, confident, bold type of guy just captivates us.

    However, in time, the nice guys ALWAYS win. You'll be surprised to see how many girls want to just fall in your cluthes because you're a sweet, kind, and nice person. Usually those same guys that the girls liked in the past will probably be in jail or under arrest for something lol...your future is bright. :)

    • Yea I'm just sick of it

      this is prob the the 4th or 5th time in two months

      different girls take advantage of me or just use me for whatever reason

      i just want a girlfriend already =(

    • Dude, then it sounds like you're falling for the bad girls...

  • Douchebag guys attract douchebag girls

    Nice guys should probably start going for nice girls who won't sh*t on them for being themselves.

    Why change who you are just to mess with someone who will usually end up using you. If a girl likes being treated like crap that's usually your first sign she is not someone you want to deal with. If she doesn't respect herself why would you want her?

    But just because a girl is not interested in you doesn't mean it's because you're "nice". I don't know you so who knows what the reason could be. But it's not like all a guy has to do is be an asshole and then suddenly he will attract droves of women. Maybe it's another reason the girl might not be into you.

  • Um, call them a whore, spit at them, tell them they can't hang out with any guys but you, tell them they can't have any friends, call them every 5 minutes, demand sex, tell them that if they don't give you head they'll tell everyone how much of a whore they are, demand nude photos, stalking?

    Just naming off stuff that I hate. Personally, nice guys are usually my BEST friends, not my boyfriends though.

  • no don't be a douche :(

    Just be yourself, sweet and nice... just add a tad of BAness to your style and you're good! :)

  • Lol. How about how not to be a douche bag but still attract women? I hate douche bags. They are soo douche baggy. haha :P

  • Stop caring for the DOUCHEY females and aim for the better girls and more respectful girls who won't take advantage of you.

  • have a lot of self confidence and be sure not to get on the friend side. Make sure she knows that you are a catch and don't seem too available. The trick is not to be an ass hole, but not to be too nice.


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  • aight.. well I don't really think you want to be that way to girls.. I've been there and that doesn't help either..

    you also don't want to be too nice some girls just take advantage of them..

    all you have to do is.. be confident .. know that you are desirable and don't make yourself too available.. that way girls don't think they can just have you whenever they please..

    Do what you want not what others want.. Stop trying to please girls so much .. have them please you

    • "Do what you want not what others want.. Stop trying to please girls so much .. have them please you"

      i Like that

  • The only main difference between a nice guy and a bad guy, is more confidence. If you whine at home about why your not dating, without really doing something about it, then there's your answer as to why your not getting dates.

    If you want success, then go out there and take risks.

  • You're just ranting, not genuinely wanting to know how to attract girls. Not all girls like "douche bags", as you say, some really like the nice guys. I will say this though...many girls start to appreciate the nice guys as they get older.

  • You're on the right track! It's sad, but being a douche bag has become almost an official requirement for success with women! The woman in the attached video link explains it.