How to stop guy friend from hitting on me every time we talk?

It's driving me crazy. This guy knows I recently started a relationship with my best friend and that we are both in love but yet he feels it's ok to text me with "hey sexy lady :P". He has hit on me plenty of times while him and his gf were together - he told me how he fantasizes about me and asked me why I'm so sexy. I was like, what the hell kind of stupid question is that, seriously? I made it as awkward as possible. How do I say something before he does it again and I snap? Cause I would hate for my man to come across this shit on my phone or fb one day but mainly, it's very disrespectful. I don't even find this other dude attractive whatsoever, gross. Been there done that YEARS ago. I'm thinking it's time to call this friendship a wrap even if we've been friends 12 years or some shit.


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  • If he doesn't respect you enough to stop. Just end the friendship.

    The years don't count when a friend isn't respectful. Especially, when you have a boyfriend.

    • Thanks girl, that is exactly how I feel. 12 years of being hit on no matter the circumstance is just really fuckin pathetic to me. FFS he just became a dad and him and his gf broke up soon after. I did not ask for this drama.

    • Yeah, he's not worth the 'friendship' title.. Even so, that didn't mean shit to him anyway, obviously.

      Imagine when your man finds out... He's not worth losing your man over.

      Any kind of unwanted drama is the worst.

      Lose him.

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  • he likes you. you can't talk to him until he's moved on to someone else

    • Dude has liked me for 12 fuckin years, though o.O And he's always hit on me behind his gf's backs, so moving on means nothing.

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    • We have been buddies so long and it just continues, I guess? I mean, we go long periods of time where we don't see each other but mostly every here and there, we text or talk on the phone and then don't talk for a while. He just became a dad recently so that's the topic of life news. But then he'll end up getting kinda creepy flirting with me out of nowhere. Notice a pattern? lol

    • single father. may be looking for help, maybe?

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  • Don't let that ruin your friendship. That'd be sad. I think, every time he hits on you make sure he gets the message. Even if you have to be straight up & completely rude, or you could go about it the mature way which is saying something like "Just stop, dude. I have a boyfriend & besides that I would never be interested in you."

    • I have been completely rude about this before. He has actually texted me at 3 in the morning not knowing if I had a man or not and was telling me how sexy my ass is and how he's drunk. I went off on him for that shit. I had quite a handful of male friends who I had to cut ties with because they were always sneaking behind their girl's backs to send me dick pics and texts. I even shut down my main fb over it. These are men I actually know that are disrespecting me like this and it's making me sick.