Does height really matter? Too Tall For a Girl? (Giving back story so you get a better understanding)?

So I met this guy on tumbler about 2 1/2 years ago. We Exchanged Contact Information and constantly Skype. We eventually little by little stop talking to each other, then 11months ago he came waltzing back into my life and I accepted him back.

We ended getting really close. We started actually dating exactly 8 months ago. We dated from Oct - May 20th (2014) Together we decided to break up because long distance is harsh and he wasn't ready for that type of commitment & I was really busy. HOWEVER we became really close BEST friends & Decided we would try again after things calmed down. Really nothing has changed we still do couple like things (hes actually sleeping on cam as I type this)

Ok, Enough back story.

Here's The issue. I told him 7 months ago That i was 5'11 (I was) He told me he was 6ft back then but ended up saying he was 5'12 1/2 (w.e difference that makes) Anyway. When I told him I was 5'11 He laughed and said there was no way a girl my age (17) [Hes 18 BTW] Could be that height. Then I showed him proof on cam of me measuring myself and he believed me and said that he found tall girls hot "as long as their not taller than me" I found that kinda stupid. Excuse me, remember I CAN GROW.

So I said to him in a sweet way basically "If you don't like it, Ill be hurt but guys hit on me all the time so i'm sure another guy will love it" He instantly got the hint and said "You know what Idc if you grow taller than me I Love You For You"

Recently I measured myself and found out that I grew nearly 2 inches. I didn't say anything to him about it yet. But last night we watched a movie together and a guy wanted to date a girl but when he approached her she was taller & My ex goes "Nope can't have her, she's taller than you" He also made another comment like this about a tall girl in another movie being "Too Tall Generally"

he's starting this height thing all over again i'm guessing it never ended

We are meeting in 1 month & I need advice. Thanks.

I guess I should add on that, I myself LOVE my height i'm not insecure about it and I learned long ago that love doesn't come in height. The real question here is how would you handle this situation and what should I expect from a guy?


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  • I can definitely relate to height being a problem for you. Being below average in height, many girls will just write me off without getting to know me. Girls who are above average in height are often treated the same way. This world can certainly feel cruel sometimes :(

    Anyway, the height difference between you is not that great and he should be able to work past his insecurities about this. You should have a soft-spoken discussion with him about how it makes you feel to hear him say things like that about taller girls and ask him to try to work past his issues. If he cannot bring himself to do that, then you will have little option but to get yourself a different man.

    • Thanks. :) I'm going to take your advice and try talking about it with him and in a very sensitive and well worded way.

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  • I personally don't find something strange about it.
    I have dated a girl who was 5'11" and I am 5'10" maybe 1 cm taller than 5'10" but she was 1 inch taller than me.
    I am big so I still looked quite masculine beside her and many couples adore us.
    We broke up coz she went out of country for job 4 month ago but we are still close friends.
    Ling distance relationship was not happening in my case.

  • Wait, how tall is he again? 5'12" ? ! Do you mean he's 6ft or he's actually 5'1.5"

    • He said 5'12 So i'm guessing that's "Almost 6ft"

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    • that is something I never thought about. He is tall and probably isn't use to meeting girls taller than him. hmmm

    • Ha ha, it would be funny if he wore boots all the time when he was with you and you wore flat shoes. I'm a good 2-3 inches taller that way. My brother is taller than me and gets the biggest kick out of it.

  • I ADORE tall girls! MANY guys do! I doubt that would be a problem for him, if it is, it's about his insecurities and not your height really.

    Don't think for a second you can't be cute because you're tall. Cute and sweet is about face, smiling, behavior, way of speaking, gestures etc., not about height. Heck I know a lot of short girls that are anything but cute - they're so aggressive and pushy they have no femininity left. And you having long legs and all doesn't mean you can't be cute as well as hot. One does not exclude the other.

    Maybe just talk to him about your concerns so he can reassure you.

    • This was really eye opening. I feel like I can just go to him when the time is right and discuss it. Figure out if his insecurities out weigh his love for me. Thanks :)

  • I tend to go more for the cute type of girls, so I tend to prefer short girls, but a girls height isn't everything. I would say that generally speaking height is a bigger deal to women, than it is to men.

    • I think men and women are not that different in this regard. I think just about everyone puts too much emphasis on height.

    • What I got from this comment. Is short girls appear cuter because their smaller. So what your telling me is appear cuter. Well sheesh if I get any cuter I might actually start shrinking :( Tehehe Jokes.

      Thanks for the comment :D

  • Tall girls are perfect!

  • I thought only use short men had issues with height? OMG the world has turned on its head.

    Listen if this guy cannot accept your height and the fact you are a whopping 2 inches taller, then is he really worth your time?

    • Lol. It's really hard to say because when you get so use to someone and you build a great relationship with them it's hard to believe that something so simple could take all of that away. But if height means that much to him then I guess not.

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    • Yeap. I told him that I needed a guy that wasn't intimidated easily and he got really defensive. That make's sense. Maybe he is a little insecure.

    • Yeah he is, but the good news is that with age, his insecurities in theory should die down, I speak from experience. Good luck!

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  • Just tell him and go from there. There's nothing you can do to change your height, so he has to accept it or move on.

  • Honestly, girls are always obsessing about making their bodies better by basing themselves of off models and stuff. How much you weigh, your waist measurements and body fat percentage all means nothing. It's about looking in the mirror and loving what you see, regardless of the specifics. It's about waking up and feeling good about yourself. But what's important to me, and also should be to you, is looking in the mirror and being happy. The number on the scale don't mean shit... It's the same with height...I'm 5'8" and people usually ask me if guys I've been with have a problem with my height..and my answer is going to always stay the same..some do some don't but as long as I'm happy with my image, I don't give a shit what guys think, and if this guy truly cares about u, then u shouldn't be scared of what he says when u do meet in 1 month, because he'll love u for all the good he sees and all the the end of the day no one is perfect

    Hope this sorta helped 😁