Can you help? A weird, anxious feeling that I can't get rid of.. It has been there since the beginning?

Im dating a guy online... He's 18. He's in the Netherlands and.. I've known him for a while, nearly a year.
Ever since I met him, I knew I liked him but.. I never thought I'd be able to be with him, so I shoved my feelings aside.
But now... We are together so suddenly and.. Im not so sure those feelings of love still exist.
I mean.. I know I love him.. I do, he's the person I used to believe that understood me.. Im just so sure anymore.. Its been long since I've felt those feelings for him.
And I don't want to hurt him if I choose to break up with him.. I dont want him to hurt.
Just.. When I'm around him.. I get this feeling of anxiety, or similar to it, and my body heats up and my heart pounds.
Im thinking its because It's been a long time since I've been in a relationship, and I dont know how to react.
Because basicaly, I felt like no on could ever love me.. I felt like I was hidious and too mean.. Yet he did.
What I want to know is...what is this feeling trying to tell me? I don't want to make the wrong move.. I'm so scared..


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  • I have had a bad experience with online dating aka e-dating.

    Not only that it was with someone from the Netherlands. Honestly, i know what they're like, never try anything with an edate especially if its someone from the Netherlands. They have this thing about them.
    They literally have nothing to do there.

    If you met them in person ok. But my recommendation is never edate and terminate the relationship whilst you have lost the feelings.

    No offence to do nether but i know a lot that edate from there and theyre so bad

    • Hey I am pretty dang cute and enjoyable to edate with, you hurt my pooor feelings T-T

      Haha just kidding :)

    • You could be cute and fun but he wouldn't.

      I went through all my edate bonanza like 3-4 months ago.

      Not sure how this guy is with you. But he probably just works. Stay at home on a computer :( that's my guess (gamer also).

      Im being honest. Don't want you to get hurt.

      I had my life sucked out of me.

  • Have you met him physically? Personally I don't think online relationship holds any ground at all


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