My bf won't let go of my past he says he understands but keeps throwing it in my face I cheated a year ago. we got together when I was 13 he was 17?

me and my boyfriend got together 4 years ago going on 5 in a fed days our relationship has been long distance before a year ago and we moved in after i graduated and have been together for a year i cheated twice a few months before we moved in together and we have been talking about it since and we keep talking about it and arguing over it anytime we are arguing over something he throws it in my face he wants me on a curfew were i can't talk to a guy after 11 and all i have are guy friends he says he understands why i did it then throws it right back in my face 3 days later and its like i can't find a way to escape my past should i stay or go i dont know what to do

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  • do u really love each other? I mean REALLY? if so then just try to talk to him and make him understand that u feel awful but that it won't happen again but u can't live on a curfew and hopefully, with time, the wound will heal. if u r not sure though better just break up with him now, nice and friendly but I clean cut. (staying friends never works and someone always ends up hurt.)

    • thankyou this helps a lot but I've tried and he doesn't really listen to what i say iv also tried to tell him that we moved in together too early and maybe we can be together but not live together and he can't seem to let go and try it that way maybe my suggestion is crazy?

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    • It s not crazy at all. It s comelpetely rational and logical. Unfortunatly people don t respond when to reason when they re in love...

    • As for u mesonfielde: just because u make a mistake in a moment of meakness doean t mean u don t love the person. And u dont spend 4 years with someone with out them meaning something to u. Haven t u ever messed up?

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  • Well, you cheated on him TWICE, what did you expect? If you enter a monogamous relationship, then it's supposed to be monogamous. You even say it casually, 'oh I just had sex with two other random guys because I felt like it'. Like, really? Have you no sense of commitment?

    You should probably go, for HIS sake.

    • first off we spent 4 years apart 90 percent of the relationship and i have tried to break it off he doesn't want to let go and it makes it hard to leave so its not a oh i cheted get over it type crap that u think i said it is i dont expect him to stay he won't let go thats my problem

  • When girl cheats best option for boy is to leaves her.Boys can't forgive cheat Girls can forgive but its still hard for them.

  • If your 14 and he is 18 you have other problems other than cheating

    • yea that was 5 years ago and i said i was 13 and he was 17

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  • If thats the case, best to end it. He will never be able to forgive u for what u have done and for the best for the two of u is to end the relationship.
    Trust is very important in a relationship, it take years to build one and few secs or mins to break it, and once it is broken, it can never be mend back or hard to come back. A cracked mirror always show cracks