Guy Problems! Help please anyone?

I met Mark in January. We've been talking since then and I considered him as friend only because he isn't my type. He's liked me since the beginning though.

After a couple of months chatting regularly, we became close. I began to love him as a friend. At the beginning of June I kissed him out of curiosity (drunk) because I wanted to see how I would feel. I didn't feel sparks or anything, but I really enjoyed kissing his lips.

Since that night, we've been seeing each other and I've enjoyed spending time with him. He really likes me a whole lot. I'm just worried in case my feelings never match his.

We're both really different and have opposing views on everything with little in common. We get on spectactularly and he makes me laugh a lot. I'm not physically attracted to him, but we seem to connect well emotionally, mentally and physically regardless.

I'm not sure what to do because when I like a guy I usually get butterflies and feel a spark. But Mark doesn't trigger any of this. I enjoy his company, but I'm just confused.

I'm pretty much not sure if I'm just settling for him or if there maybe could be something great between us. I'm just scared to call it quits because I'm unsure of how I feel, and I think I'd miss him if I did.

What's your thoughts on this?


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  • no spark no flame no fire no warmth no heart (h)!

    a good and close friendship does NOT always give way to an everlasting relationship!!

    Talk It Out... get to the root of how y'all feel!!!

    Don't live a lie to mask a truth!!!

  • Wow! He may not be phycicly attractive but like you said y'all got close. If your getting closer to him then keep seeing eachother. You may have to tell him things to do to make yourself more attracted to him. Your a beautiful girl, he'll listen and understand. That all i got


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